How To Implement JQueryUI Datepicker In HTML?

The datepicker widget is a powerful UI plugin found in JQuery. The JQueryUI Datepicker provides a rich interface for valid date selection in any format such as yyy-mm-dd etc to the end-user. The JQueryUI Datepicker is easy to implement in websites. Along with Html it is also used with server side programming languages to get date […]

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SQL Server ntext vs nvarchar(MAX) Datatypes

SQL Server offers ntext and nvarchar(MAX) datatypes for storing multi lingual string based information/values. There are some difference between ntext and nvarchar(MAX) datatypes: The ntext datatype stores unicode string with maximum 2GB of data. The nvarchar(MAX) datatype stores unicode string with maximum 536,870,912 characters. The ntext datatype has many disadvantages such as it does not […]

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How To Insert Non-English Characters In SQL Server?

SQL Server offers nchar, nvarchar, nvarchar(max) and ntext datatypes for storing Non-English or Unicode characters/article posts into database table. By using above datatypes you can insert all characters/large blogs which has been spoken in universe such as hindi, sindhi, urdu, arabic, english etc. These datatypes are also recommended by Microsoft because these support many built-in […]

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SQL Server Data Type For Store Article Posts

SQL server offers several data types for storing different types of information in database. Some time we need to store a large article or blog post in a database table. For storing the large posts or articles we will use nvarchar(MAX) datatype because it supports maximum 536,870,912 characters. SQL Server nvarchar(MAX) data type supports many built-in […]

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Server.Transfer Vs. Response.Redirect In Asp.NET

Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer both methods redirect user to another URL. Response.Redirect displays page name/URL in browser’s URL address bar and add it in history. Server.Transfer does not display page name/URL in browser’s URL address bar, mostly it is used for asynchronous requests such as “loading” type pages etc.

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Html.Partial Vs Html.RenderPartial In ASP.NET MVC

Html.Partial returns a string that means the output of  Html.Partial can be stored in a variable. Html.RenderPartial returns void that means Html.RenderPartial  does not return anything and its output can not be stored in a variable.

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What is view and model in MVC?

Model: MVC stands for model view and controller. Model contains domain/business/application logic in the form of Object oriented programming pattern (classes). It holds data by using auto-implemented properties. OR Model also contains database code such as database connectivity code.

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Email sending in .NET through Gmail

Use System.Net.Mail, not the deprecated System.Web.Mail in C#.

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