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Basic Data Types In TypeScript

Basic Data Types:

  • TypeScript is a strong type programming language.
  • It defines three basic data types: number, string and boolean and that feature is described as “syntactic sugar” by TypeScript designer.
  • TypeScript uses a colon (:) sign to specify the data type for a variable.
  • Data types describe the different kind of information.
  • TypeScript creates a powerful rule of strong typing, if we break that rule the TypeScript compiler generates compile-time errors.


var var-name:datatype = “value”;


  • This keyword indicates a local variable.


  • Any valid meaningful name. This can be a variable name.


  • Colon (:) sign which makes a variable to a specific type such as var ideName : string = “visual studio”, where ideName is became of type string and it cannot hold any other data type.


  • Such as string, boolean or number etc.


  • Assignment operator which assigns values to a variable from right-side to left.


  • It can be any value depends on its variable type such as string literals, boolean true, false, numbers etc.


// following is a string type local variable initialization.
var typeScript: string = "TypeScript programming language.";

// following is a number type local variable initialization.
var pi: number = 3.14;

// following is a boolean type local variable initialization.
var isChecked: boolean = true;

// print the above variables.
document.write("Technology name is: " + typeScript + " <br/>");
document.write("The value of pi is: " + pi + " <br/>");
document.write("TypeScript is a strong typed language: " + isChecked);

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