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Assignment Operator in C++

In C++ language equal-to-sign (=) is used as assignment operator. Do not confuse the algebraic equal-to with the assignment operator. In Algebra X = 2 means the value of X is 2, whereas in C++ language X = 2 (where X is a variable name) means take the value 2 and put it in the memory location labeled as X, afterwards you can assign some other value to X, for example you can write X = 10, that means now the memory location X contains the value 10 and the previous value 2 is no more there. Assignment operator is a binary operator (a binary operator has two operands). It must have variable on left hand side and expression (that evaluates to a single value) on right hand side. This operator takes the value on right hand side and stores it to the location labeled as the variable on left hand side, e.g. X = 5, X = 10 + 5, and X = X +1. In C++ language the statement X = X + 1 means that add 1 to the value of X and then store the result in X variable. If the value of X is 10 then after the execution of this statement the value of X becomes 11. This is a common practice for incrementing the value of the variable by ‘one in C++ language. Similarly you can use the statement X = X – 1 for decrementing the value of the variable by one. The statement X = X + 1 in algebra is not valid except when X is infinity. So do not confuse assignment operator (=) with equal sign (=) in algebra. Remember that assignment operator must have a variable name on left hand side unlike algebra in which you can use expression on both sides of equal sign (=). For example, in algebra, X +5 = Y + 7 is correct but incorrect in C++ language. The compiler will not understand it and will give error.

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