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Arrays In TypeScript


  • Along with basic data types, the TypeScript has also arrays.
  • In TypeScript an array is declared/initialized much like JavaScript’s arrays using curly braces [ ] notation.
  • In TypeScript arrays are strongly typed which can be a specific data type such as string, boolean or number type.
  • Array is a collection of similar data items these items are also called elements.
  • Array index always starts from 0 [zero] and it defines the position of an element within an array
  • Arrays are pure data structures and reference types.
  • With the help of an array we can store more than one value in a single variable. Each specific value in an array can be accessed by an index.
  • The principal advantage of an array is that it organizes data such a way that it can be easily manipulated.
  • By using an array we can store different types of records such as number of employees, list of product items etc.
  • Value store in a specific location of an array is called an ELEMENT.
  • Array indexes are 0-based. That is, if the length of a dimension is n, the index values range from 0 to n – 1 (finding array’s last index).
  • Once an array has been created, we can access its elements by using for loop.

Example – 1:

// Following is a string typed array initialization
var pLanguages: string[] = ["", "C#", "TypeScript", "Html", "JavaScript"];

/* for loop loops through each element of an array and print it. */
for (var index = 0; index < pLanguages.length; index++)
    document.write(pLanguages[index] + " <br/>");

Example – 2:

// Following is a number typed array initialization
var seatNumbers: number[] = [2255, 3342, 8855, 1000, 2058, 1528];

/* for loop loops through each element of an array and print it. */
for (var index = 0; index < seatNumbers.length; index++)
    document.write(seatNumbers[index] + " <br/>");

Array’s length property:

  • The length property returns the total number of elements / values which can be hold by an array.
  • The length property allows us to get or set the length of an array.
  • The length property can be called as: array-name.length, where array-name is a name of an array, dot operator joins an array with the length property.

Example – 3:

var pLanguages: string[] = ["", "C#", "TypeScript", "Html", "JavaScript"];

/* following statement displays the total number of an array elements through array’s built-in length property. */

document.write("Total languages are: "+pLanguages.length+ " in an array");

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