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Animation and transition properties in CSS and JS

Below is the list of CSS properties that you can animate using animations and transitions. List also contain the scripting names of properties.

CSS property Scripting property
background backgroundProperty
background-color backgroundColor
background-image backgroundImage
background-position backgroundPosition
border border
border-bottom borderBottom
border-bottom-color borderBottomColor
border-bottom-left-radius borderBottomLeftRadius
border-bottom-right-radius borderBottomRigthRadius
border-bottom-width borderBottomWidth
border-color borderColor
border-left borderLeft
border-left-color borderLeftColor
border-left-width borderLeftWidth
border-radius borderRadius
border-right borderRight
border-right-color borderRightColor
border-right-width borderRightWidth
border-spacing borderSpacing
border-top borderTop
border-top-color borderTopColor
border-top-left-radius borderTopLeftRadius
border-top-right-radius borderTopRightRadius
border-top-width borderTopWidth
border-width borderWidth
-ms-background-position-x backgroundPositionX
-ms-background-position-y backgroundPositionY
bottom bottom
box-shadow boxShadow
clip clip
color color
font font
font-size fontSize
font-weight fontWeight
height height
left left
letter-spacing letterSpacing
line-height lineHeight
margin margin
margin-bottom marginBottom
margin-left marginLeft
margin-right marginRight
margin-top marginTop
max-height maxHeight
max-width maxWidth
min-height minHeight
min-height minWidth
opacity opacity
outline outline
outline-color outlineColor
outline-width outlineWidth
padding padding
padding-bottom paddingBottom
padding-left paddingLeft
padding-right paddingRight
padding-top paddingTop
perspective perspective
perspective-origin perspectiveOrigin
right right
text-indent textIndent
text-shadow textShadow
top top
transform transform
transform-origin transformOrigin
vertical-align verticalAlign
visibility visibility
width width
word-spacing wordSpacing
z-index zIndex
-ms-zoom zoom

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